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Families Helping Families

The Clear Brook Foundation’s Families Helping Families program holds weekly meetings at seven different locations throughout Pennsylvania. These meetings are open to the public. They provide attendees with a forum where they have the opportunity to learn about drug and alcohol addiction from trained professionals, as well as to interact with other people who are facing the same kind of issues that they are dealing with. They also provide a valuable resource to assist members of the community in gaining a knowledge base for confronting all of the issues that accompany addiction, some of which are often overlooked. The underlying basis of the clear brook foundation’s beliefs involve an emphasis on mind, body, and the spirit as it relates to dealing with drug addiction.

Families Helping Families is a grass roots community focused program which is supported by the attendees of the communities the meetings are located in. The intention is for Families Helping Families to use our Recovery Connect program for family members seeking help for a loved one. Families Helping Families also refers to The Hall those family members who are looking for Al Anon or other self help types of meetings.


The updated meeting schedule for Families Helping Families is:

  1. Camp Hill meeting on Monday is conducted via Zoom and the link is  http://us02web.zoom.us/j/365737427.
  2. St Mary’s Scranton on Wednesday is closed due to Covid 19.
  3. Hummelstown on Thursday is conducted via Zoom and the link is  http//us02web.zoom.us/j/525119778.
  4. Tunkhannock meeting on Thursday is closed due to Covid 19.